Welcome to the Green

James Alexander Zachary McWhinnie. 20. London.

"A knight in shining armour is a man who has never had his metal truly tested"

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cosmo sex tip #669


when you grab his shaft, yell “pull the lever kronk”

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Real Hacker vs Movie Hacker

  • real hacker: So you say you're gonna break into our local nuclear power plant? I really don't think that's possible
  • movie hacker: *types a few keystrokes* I'm in
  • real hacker: But the power plant's computers aren't even connected to the internet
  • movie hacker: I said I'm in. Now I'll cause a meltdown *types a few keystrokes* Done
  • real hacker: What do you mean done? There have to be many redundant safeguards in place to stop a meltdown. In any case, a meltdown would take time.
  • movie hacker: Want me to break into the CIA next?
  • real hacker: I don't even think you should attempt to...
  • movie hacker: *types a few keystrokes* Too late. I'm in
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